Industry case

Multilingual web content for banking


Major Italian banking group with an extensive international network of representative offices and branches in 18 countries worldwide


To manage a complex project involving the retail website and app. Specific tasks included English translation of texts and testing and tweaking the website and app at the client’s site; translation and testing of the app with a focus on different functions for iOS and Android; STAR7 project manager coordinates with the other partners involved.


  • Analysis of existing documentation and terminology, followed by creation of guidelines and specific glossary
  • Support of a team of specialist translators and reviewers
  • Preparation of specific style guides for iOS and Android environments
  • Sending a STAR7 translator to the customer’s premises for functional and language testing
  • Data sharing during periodic progress meetings


Experience in managing the customer’s material and knowledge of the strict confidentiality requirements enabled STAR7 to analyse the critical issues associated with the process (file formats, compliance requirements, milestones, high quality, resource flexibility) and propose a solution that included direct collaboration between the STAR7 reviewer and the client at their premises.

Service lines involved

Technologies involved

Language Technologies
Translation and localization
Language Technologies
Online terminology management

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