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The new frontier of learning through virtual training

The potential of virtual reality meets the intuitive quality of gaming logic and the engagement that only video interaction can provide: Alcor is the multilingual platform designed for managing real-time and on-demand training courses in immersive and interactive virtual reality that definitively overcomes the limits of distance learning, presenting itself as an innovative tool to support trainers and trainees.

Divided into two proposed training solutions, single-player and multi-player, Alcor offers both independent use of lessons and direct participation in a virtual classroom, eliminating the constraints connected with physical travel from the workplace. The courses recorded on the platform remain available to users at all times, thus promoting quick, accessible learning without being bound to a real, physical model in any way.

The advantages

Training not only as learning, but as an experience, accessible from any device. With Alcor, the training experience takes place in a virtual context identical to the real one, but even more engaging: the innovation of gamification brings the logic and techniques of game design into learning and training, with the active involvement of users, who navigate the scene through specific commands and guided actions, interacting in a simple, intuitive, and targeted way with the environment and the examiner. All of this takes place within a context characterized by continuous dialogue between trainer and trainee, where learning and results are constantly monitored in a simple and immediate manner.

And engagement is not real-time only: video, an essential tool, allows the user to access the experience anywhere and at any time, watching, interacting, and answering questions.

With Alcor, our customers have a tool that can break down the barriers between the real and virtual world, optimizing time and costs with respect to the physical experience while preserving the value of experience.

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