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When engineering meets imagination

STAR7 Experience is the driving force behind the most ambitious and innovative projects. It’s a place where technology meets imagination, imagination meets creativity and creativity meets technology every day. The result is a unique offering, able to respond to the growing demand for digital and immersive content with the strength of solid technical and engineering know-how combined with creative experimentation. CGI, VFX, AR and VR technologies are applied daily to the product and service experience, both technical and emotional, to offer high-value-added solutions throughout the product information life cycle.

The product, in advance

Product characteristics and configurations are defined and communicated before their effective commercial launch.

Creativity at the service of efficiency

Characteristics, operation and maintenance are simulated starting from the design of certain components, reducing times and costs.


Integrale⁷ approach

We bring the world of product experience into dialogue with the other four STAR7 service lines, thereby covering the entire product information life cycle.

The STAR7 Experience offering

Virtual Reality

Our services for Product Experience Marketing and Virtual Prototyping. We configure products with photorealistic quality and reconstruct immersive environments to generate advanced product and service experiences.


Everything we need to communicate an idea before producing it: that’s what engineering at the service of product communication can do, be it technical or marketing. The project comes to life thanks to CGI, 3D views, animations and visual effects for images, videos and interactive applications.

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Communicating the product

Producing CGI videos with the Video & Animation service, in order to provide technical support that can describe a product’s operation or content that conveys its characteristics with an emotional impact: the STAR7 Experience creative team brings together 2D graphics and Graphic Design service experts who can effectively meet any technical or communication requirement.

Global Technologies

Software at the service of content
Product experience Technologies
The new frontier of learning through virtual training
Product experience Technologies
Immersive reality for product experience
Product experience Technologies
Product presentation enters the fourth dimension.
Product experience Technologies
Mixed reality configurator
Product experience Technologies
After Sales Digital Twin
A virtual workshop for after-sales documentation

Integrale⁷ solutions

Our proposals for integrated services, designed for specific sectors.
Automotive & Transportation
Training Support
Virtual reality:
Immersive reality
Product Knowledge
Product experience Technologies:
Food & Beverage
Marketing and communication content
Fashion & Retail
Digital content
Product experience Technologies:

Companies that work with us

Ferretti Group
Scuderia Ferrari
MV Augusta
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