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Content: our product for more than 20 years

Information and content are our mission. For projects or processes, technical or linguistic, we make it  our business. Together, it makes up and lends substance to our customers’ products, their ideas, and their work. We’ve put more than 20 years of passion into working with businesses made up of people who know how to create ideas, products and stories that can changes habits, lives, and sometimes even the world.

Our approach is Integrale⁷

STAR7 can follow an entire process, supporting customers’ industrial activity at every stage of production, from design to after-sales.

Our goal is to look after documentation and content in its entirety: our service lines were created precisely so that we could support every aspect of generating and managing product information specifically, and enable integrated interaction between each of them at the same time.

STAR7 Engineering


Designing together

STAR7 Engineering supports the biggest Italian and international industrial groups in designing and managing production processes, excellent engineering that helps consolidate the leadership of its partners worldwide.

STAR7 Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge

Understanding how it works. And how to author the documents.

STAR7 Product Knowledge offers all expertise required for the creation, management and multi-channel publication of technical content, with the aim of turning product information into a commercial advantage for our customers.

STAR7 Global Content

Global Content

We help our customers to be global

For more than 20 years, with STAR7 Global Content we have been developing language services that can take our customers’ products all over the world. Ideas, products, and businesses can speak any language and be local worldwide.


STAR7 Experience


Engineering meets imagination

With STAR7 Experience we apply technology to imagination, to preview and better appreciate what will happen in the future. Continuous innovation means that we can experience how our customers’ products will behave and what will happen to them even before they become a reality.


Integrale⁷ solutions

Our proposals for integrated services, designed for specific sectors
Automotive & Transportation
Product Information Lifecycle
Global Content
Product experience Technologies:
Mizar, DW7
Cross industry
Marketing and communication content
Air conditioning & Household appliances
Instruction for Users
Global Content
Designing together:
Product Engineering
Product Knowledge