Las tecnologías

The Technologies

Software at the service of content

Because we belong to the STAR Group network, our business and services have gone hand-in-hand with innovative proprietary tech solutions for 20 years to aid and enhance the creation, management, and use of content and information for any product. This background, combined with the innovation and technological know-how developed within STAR7’s Creative Lab, allows the company to offer its customers advanced solutions that can meet any need and, in some cases, even anticipate it.

People at the center

We have developed tech suites around our staff and customers that can help promote their projects, grow their businesses, and boost their performance. We’re absolutely committed to putting technology at the service of people, not the other way round.

Language Technologies

The corporate language asset management suite.

Thanks to the STAR Group, STAR7 has been at the cutting edge in developing software tools able to capitalize on the language assets of companies that operate on the global market and bring greater efficiency to their internal processes, from as early as the mid-1980s.

Authoring Technologies

The advanced technical information generation and management suite.

High-value-added authoring technologies that are also integrated with the translation systems, designed to make generating, updating, and publishing technical product information more efficient. Collaborative, customizable, and intelligent platforms that can make the difference in content development, from creating the structure to finalization and publication, from concept to product.

Product experience technologies

The virtual design, configuration, learning, and diagnosis suite. In short, for product experience.

Five software applications spanning STAR7’s services, taking advantage of 3D, VR, AR, and MR, for flexible, adaptable application, ranging from distance learning to immersive design and mixed reality for diagnosing car systems. Five tech solutions for going beyond the limits of physics and the environment and offering our customers a unique product experience, technical or marketing, in any sector: that’s the vocation of the technologies from STAR7’s Creative Lab.