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Software localization

What we can do

With our Software Localization service we support our customers in various activities, such as label, message, online help and screenshot translation, as well as string length evaluation, resizing dialog boxes and menus, editing code, and, more generally, we interact with the customer to determine the textual and linguistic context the new content will inhabit. Furthermore, we deal with content management (menus, dialog boxes, error messages) and all types of user information, such as EULAs (End-User License Agreements), through a comprehensive process. Our software localization service is compatible with any application or operating system, from Windows to MacOS, Unix, Linux, Android or iOS.

The advantages

Software localization is a process that, especially in regards to the management of formats and workflows, requires specific linguistic and technical skills. In addition to guaranteeing these skills, we are committed to guiding the customer in choosing the best workflow and in defining all steps of the process, from contact with the various players, to the definition of information exchange methods and quality control.

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