Railway technical publications and training
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Railway technical publications and training


Major global player in the design, production and sale of rolling stock


To identify a reliable, proactive development and management partner for the product design and operation phases, including all activities related to operational support and maintenance


Creation of design and development of the support system elements. The following steps were envisaged:

  • Analysis and validation of the maintenance plan
  • Design and authoring of technical manuals for vehicle operators and maintenance staff
  • Creation of spare part lists and associated catalog
  • Staff training: development of training documentation, delivery of training courses, development of training for specific devices
  • Creation of specific support equipment (special tools & test equipment)
  • Localization of content into the customer's target language


  • Cost optimization through synergies between technical manual development processes and training phases
  • Operational flexibility to tailor product support development to program and client needs
  • Selection of a partner capable of managing complex activities related to the product lifecycle, with the ability to implement advanced tech solutions to improve processes
  • Organizational scalability combined with the ability to keep supporting the customer through targeted technological investments to assist with their development plans

Service lines involved

Technologies involved

Language Technologies
Translation and localization
Authoring Technologies
Information management

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