After Sales Digital Twin
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After Sales Digital Twin

A virtual workshop for after-sales documentation

The potential of VR technologies applied to the world of technical product information: Digital Twin is an innovative solution for creating and managing documentation for after-sales and all related activities. Creation of a digital twin of the physical product, obtained by simplifying the 3D mathematical models and placed into a “gaming” environment to achieve high performance with commercial tools (workstations, VR helmets), permits advance operation whether or not physical prototypes or models are available.

The advantages

After Sales Digital Twin offers customers an immersive virtual reality tool that allows them to bypass prototype inspections in the workshop. The usability of the interface and fluidity of operations on the digital model means that the user can have a complete workshop experience in a virtual environment: they can define maintenance and operational procedures, calculate their times, track each operation precisely, and validate each step through reports. Digital Twin supports activities ranging from Serviceability and Repairability Analysis to authoring technical manuals, time schedules, and spare parts catalogs and technical or commercial training, drastically reducing times and costs.

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