Antares - configurazione prodotto 4D
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Product presentation enters the fourth dimension.

The heart of the experience is the software that combines technology, technical know-how and communication in a 4D product presentation experience never seen before. Antares can combine the quality and flexibility of 3D with the fourth dimension: time. The result is an engine capable of creating a real-time, interactive, and fully customizable product presentation.

The advantages

Thanks to a digital environment with photorealistic rendering, the interactive functionality offered by the dashboard and the specific options that can be activated in the case of a VR hardware system, Antares engages the user in a dynamic, in-depth exploration of the details, characteristics, and functionality of any kind of product, shifting sales from the perspective of an onlooker to an immediate experience and transporting the user into a new digital reality. But that’s not all. Antares also means content. Every presentation, exploration, and simulation sequence can be extracted and converted into high-resolution, functional cross-platform 3D images and videos.

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