Automotive Premium - After-sales support
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Automotive Premium - After-sales support


Leading luxury and sports car manufacturer


To identify a single, proactive partner for technical support, technical training, and engineering services, with the goal of optimizing processes and costs for product support, from engineering to aftersales.


  • Creation of a local team that, over the years, has grown to 60 employees dedicated entirely to the client
  • Complete outsourcing of the management, creation, and multichannel delivery of onboarding and technical documentation for dealerships
  • Use of STAR GRIPS content management system for technical documentation
  • Language services
  • On-demand printing and kitting service
  • Introduction of immersive reality for training purposes
  • Creation and maintenance of electronic accessory catalog
  • After-sales support services: B2B & B2C customer service
  • Engineering services for product industrialization
  • Introduction of immersive reality in the prototyping phase
  • Introduction of mixed reality for electrical diagram diagnosis



  • Efficient information processes throughout the entire product lifecycle, from engineering to aftersales
  • Collection and management of feedback from the dealership on the efficiency of the technical assistance service, with the goal of continuous improvement of the product, serviceability, and client experience in the aftersales phase
  • Optimization of costs and supplier management thanks to a single partner capable of managing complex activities stemming from the product’s life cycle

Service lines involved

  • Engineering
  • Product Knowledge
  • Global Content
  • Printing
  • Experience

Technologies involved

Language Technologies
Translation and localization
Language Technologies
Terminology management
Authoring Technologies
Information management
Product experience Technologies
The new frontier of learning through virtual training
Product experience Technologies
Immersive reality for product experience
Product experience Technologies
Product presentation enters the fourth dimension.
Product experience Technologies
Mixed reality configurator

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