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Italian luxury company, a fashion trendsetter with a focus on ready-to-wear clothing and accessories (leather bags, travel accessories, shoes, and perfumes).


To identify a partner to manage the site’s digital content, both in terms of multilingual language services and the creation of high-quality 3D content. Specifically, the following activities were needed: translation of the e-commerce sites of the various brands (product descriptions); transcreation of editorial content (especially newsletters, campaigns, and payoffs); newsletter testing and QA; creation of a shared terminology database by extracting terms in translation memories and the reference material, with subsequent validation; updating of translation memories using new terminology; creation of animated videos to show the new patented technology for a particular type of fabric on different types of clothing.


  • Support from a dedicated project management team with industry knowledge and expertise
  • Selection of a pool of translators and editors for the different languages involved
  • Involvement of in-house native translators/editors in kick-off meetings to understand and discuss the brand’s tone of voice
  • Gathering of style guides or, alternatively, creation of style guides to be constantly updated based on feedback, and to be shared with all linguists involved
  • Creation and management of brand-specific terminology databases
  • Adoption of the same platform for the management of translation requirements
  • Creation of virtual video content, using 3D technology and special effects.


  • In-depth knowledge of client processes and expectations
  • Creation of a shared process for editor selection and resource validation
  • Continuum of translation, revision, and control
  • Fast response to requests
  • Ability to show fabric fibers inside the garment and recreate properties that are invisible without the use of 3D technology
  • Production of ad hoc special effects to emphasize the “high-tech” and innovative aspects of the garment
  • Optimization of costs and turnaround time compared to development of a traditional video

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