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Virtual reality

Virtual reality at the service of the product

What we can do

An example of applying virtual reality to the world of technical documentation, After Sales Digital Twin is the software – made in STAR7 by combining product expertise and the potential of VR technology – that has allowed STAR7 Product Knowledge to offer its customers an innovative service for creating and managing after-sales documentation

A “virtual twin” of the product to be analysed, built and placed in a virtual workshop, offers users an immersive experience that allows them to perform and track each operation precisely and thoroughly. The interface and tools included in the ASDT application also simplify the process of creating documentation, ensuring greater efficiency than physical data gathering.

The advantages

Images, graphics and animations are essential cosmetic elements and valuable aids to information in technical documentation: a professional animation can describe a process much better than a text. The Virtual Reality service guarantees interfaces perfectly integrated with the original development systems (3D CAD/PDM) to create illustrations, animations and virtual 3D models (digital twins).

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Andrea Miccoli
Andrea Miccoli
Service Line Leader STAR7 Product Knowledge
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