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Technical documentation, for all products

What we can do

The service comprises the authoring of various kinds of technical documentation, starting from the engineering specifications, the use of 3D mathematical models and data and content gathering by our technicians in the workshop. Documentation produced includes instruction manuals in any format, the workshop manuals required to ensure efficient product maintenance throughout its life cycle, spare parts catalogue, time schedule and any other supplementary technical information our customers require, like specific sections on wiring diagrams and troubleshooting.

From more traditional authoring tools to the most advanced CMSs (Content Management Systems), our authoring teams can follow the entire process, from authoring, to layout, to stand-alone and online publication.

The advantages

With our expertise, our authoring teams and our technologies, we aim to increase the performance, customisation and accessibility of the flow of technical and commercial documentation. Now we can do that even when the physical product still doesn’t exist. We can bring it into the information “supply chain” and make its life cycle an experience that can be controlled and predicted. That’s how technological innovation allows us to transform technical information into a strategic asset.

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Andrea Miccoli
Andrea Miccoli
Service Line Leader STAR7 Product Knowledge
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