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Authoring technologies

The advanced technical information generation and management suite.

We offer our customers high-value-added authoring technologies that are also integrated with the translation systems, designed to make generating, updating and publishing technical product information more efficient. Collaborative, customisable and intelligent platforms that can make the difference in content development, from creating the structure to finalisation and publication, from concept to product.


Belonging to the STAR Group network and having the proprietary technologies that the group has developed over the years means that STAR7 Product Knowledge can offer its customers a complete suite of authoring technologies. GRIPS, Prisma, FormatChecker, MindReader and SDM cover the entire range of requirements for the creation and advanced management of technical information for all companies that manufacture and export products.


Authoring Technologies
Information management
Authoring Technologies
Smart Content Services
Authoring Technologies
Authoring, translation and printing always under control
Authoring Technologies
STAR EC Monitoring System
An engineering change (EC) monitoring and reporting tool.
Authoring Technologies
Approval Portal
Portal for managing and reporting on content validation workflow and print logistics.
Authoring Technologies
CMS Custom Solutions
Customised web-based solutions for creating and managing technical documentation.

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