Every product is a world of information.

We help you build that world.

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Content: our product for 20 years

Information and content are our mission. Be it for projects or processes, technical or linguistic, we make it all our business. Together, it makes up our customers' products, their ideas, their work.
We’ve put 20 years of passion into working with businesses made up of people who know how to create ideas, products and stories that can change habits and lives, and sometimes even the world. Growth means continuing to create and tell these success stories, together.

STAR7 Engineering


Designing together.

We share projects from the outset so that they’re perfect when complete. We have teams to support production processes of every kind. Whether it’s planning, producing or maintaining products over their life cycle, STAR7 Engineering can put together the team to translate the idea for a project into industrial success.

STAR7 Product Knowledge

Product knowledge

Understanding how it works. And how to author the documents.

A command of technology. Overseeing the process of acquiring product information and transforming it into content. Consolidating product know-how, knowing products inside out and being in a position to offer valuable training services and tech support. STAR7 Product Knowledge brings all this to the table.

STAR7 Global Content

Global content

Global reach.

The ability to make any idea a global idea. STAR7’s language services are the ideal way to move beyond boundaries and break into every market effectively. With STAR7 Global Content, ideas, products and businesses can speak more than 1,000 languages and be local worldwide.

STAR7 Printing


Worth the paper it’s printed on – and then some.

Making a mark, on every type of print media. The product documentation process takes shape physically through state-of-the-art print techniques, with the ability to respond in real time. Whether the runs are small or large-scale, STAR7 Printing has every solution that our customers and their information need, including logistics.

STAR7 Experience


Picture a world beyond ‘reality’.

At present, it only exists in our mind. All the technology and creativity needed to visualize every design down to the smallest aesthetic and functional detail, before it becomes a product, but no less realistic. For the reality we already inhabit, STAR7 Experience also offers the innovation and effectiveness of immersive training.

STAR7’s offices around the world

We’re citizens of the world, working all over it. You can get in touch with us at these offices.

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