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26 July 2022
STAR7 signs contract to aquire 100% of Vertere S.R.L.

Deal paves way to optimised translation and content localisation workflow

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06 June 2022
STAR7 reinforces the leadership team

STAR7 announces the entry of Andrea Miccoli to the group, in the role of STAR7 Product Knowledge Leader. The Product Knowledge Service Line is dedicated to physical and virtual product information, content and technical documentation.

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16 May 2022
STAR7 to attend Euronext Growth Conference - 26 MAY 2022

STAR7 will be among the attendees at the Euronext Growth Conference organised by Borsa Italiana, part of the Euronext Group.

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28 April 2022
Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

STAR7 held its Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting today in Valle San Bartolomeo (Italy), at first call, under the chairmanship of Lorenzo Mondo.

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28 March 2022
Board of Directors approves Draft Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements as at 31 December 2021

STAR7 – Board of Directors approves Draft Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements as at 31 December 2021. Guidance of €15 million EBITDA in 2022 confirmed.

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01 March 2022
STAR7 makes confident start to 2022 with major contract renewals and diversification

BUSINESS UPDATES - STAR7 S.p.A. has made a positive start to 2022 with success in two of the key areas for its current and future development: deepening ties with customers in the strategic Luxury segment and diversifying its business through the service of new end markets.

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23 December 2021
STAR7: first day of trading on Euronext Growth Milan

With over €3 million traded, STAR7 shares closed at €8.63, up 4.6% over the IPO price.
Capitalization of €74 million1.

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23 November 2021
STAR7 acquires LocalEyes

STAR7 acquires Irish translation and localisation specialist LocalEyes, a supplier to the world’s biggest tech company for over 20 years.

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11 November 2021
Kairos Partners SGR invests 3 million euros in STAR7

KAIS Renaissance ELTIF, operated by Kairos Partners SGR, makes first private market investment by subscribing a €3 million capital increase in STAR7, an established international player in the product information sector.

The transaction is intended to support STAR7’s growth as it heads towards an...

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