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Interpreting and transcription services

What we can do

We offer professional interpreting services, both in-person and remote, for events, meetings, conferences and courses, in any field and in any language. Our qualified interpreters are able to bridge any communication gap, ensuring a fully inclusive experience.

We round out our interpreting offer with real- and semi-real-time transcriptions, whether for general, board of directors or committee meetings.

The advantages

A successful interpreting project starts with finding the right interpreters, who are experts in the service and have solid language skills. The professionals we use are certified and chosen after a thorough selection, accreditation and review process. STAR7 Global Content therefore offers linguistic and communications talent, but that’s not all – we can provide all the equipment (booths, bidules/Spiders, etc.) and qualified on-site personnel to manage all the logistical aspects of in-person events, just as we can take care of all the technical aspects of remote interpreting for digital events.

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Nicola Poeta
Nicola Poeta
Service Line Leader STAR7 Global Content
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