Information for Shareholders

Euronext Growth Advisor
Alantra Capital Markets SV S.A.U., Italian branch

Independent auditors
BDO Italia S.p.A.


Distribution of regulated information
The company uses the “1Info SDIR” system managed by Computershare S.p.A., whose registered office is in Via Lorenzo Mascheroni, no. 19, Milan.

Distribution and availability of documents and information
The information and documents in this Investor Relations section are made available and distributed in accordance with article 26 of the Euronext Growth Milan regulations.

Issuer's country of incorporation and main country of business
The Issuer is incorporated in Italy. The Issuer’s main country of business is Italy.

Financial instruments
Total ordinary shares outstanding: 7,220,000

Stock market details

  • Share code for ordinary shares: STAR7
  • ISIN code for ordinary shares: IT0005466195
  • Market: Euronext Growth Milan
Share capital and shareholding structure

The subscribed and paid up share capital is 599,340.00 euros, consisting of 7,649,752 ordinary shares and 1,350,000 price adjustment shares (PAS). The table below shows a breakdown of the company’s ownership:


Price adjustment
Dante S.r.l. 3,000,000 750,000 41.7%
STAR A.G. 2,400,000 600,000 33.4%
KAIROS Partners SGR S.P.A.(1) 550,965   6.1%
Market 1,698,787   18.8%
Total 7,649,752 1,350,000 100%

(1) Per conto del fondo di investimento dalla stessa gestito denominato KAIS Renaissance ELTIF.

Obligations of Significant Shareholders

Under Euronext Growth Milan Issuer Regulations, STAR7 S.p.A. (the “Company”) must promptly notify and make public any Substantial Change communicated by Significant Shareholders regarding corporate ownership.

Under Euronext Growth Milan Issuer Regulations and article 12 of the Company’s Articles of Association, any person or institution holding at least 5% of a category of Company financial instruments is a “Significant Shareholder”.

Under the Regulations on Transparency, exceeding the 5% threshold and reaching or exceeding the thresholds of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 66.6% and 90% constitutes a "Substantial Change" that must be communicated, under article 12 of the Articles of Association, by the Significant Shareholders to the Administrative Body of the Company.
In this regard, within 4 trading days, starting from the day on which the transaction involving the Substantial Change was carried out, each Significant Shareholder must notify the Company of the following information:

  • the identity of the Significant Shareholders involved;
  • the date on which the Substantial Change of equity investment took place;
  • the price, amount and category of Company financial instruments involved;
  • the nature of the transaction;
  • the nature and size of the investment of the Significant Shareholder in the transaction.

The above can be communicated using the appropriate form attached below, sent in advance by e-mail to and subsequently sent in original via registered letter with return receipt to the Company.