Authoring technologies


A tool to reduce translation times for documentation

A support tool for quick, effective authoring starting from a database, the MindReader software proposes text extracted from the reference material similar to the project selected and helps to generate uniform content, saving time and preparing the documents for rapid translation.

MindReader allows you to access a particularly large memory, consult files in all current standard and text, DTP and Office formats, use Transit translation memories, receive packages with memories from the translation department or language service provider, or use data from other systems.


The advantages

MindReader provides the best suggestion, allowing you to view the original context at any time, see the source of the suggestion and check the frequency with which a given expression is used. Laying the foundations for effective, good-quality translation, with consistent texts and accurate terminology, allows time and investment costs to be reduced significantly.


Also for existing documents

MindReader can be used not only to create new documents, but also with existing ones. It can also reduce the time to market for truly global product communication and, thanks to increased pre-translation, the cost of translation itself. Sharing of the database in different authoring environments (e.g. GRIPS, MS Word, Adobe FrameMaker, Arbortext) is an additional advantage.


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